"I have known Allan Payne personally and professionally for more than two decades, first as a co-worker at Cincom in Human Resources, and now as a consultant to Cincom on a variety of people and talent issues.  He continues to bring unique human resources expertise and talent management tools to our workplace.  I highly recommend Allan for any company desiring to be on the front edge of talent and performance management."    

Ron Chilcott, Director of Human Resources, Cincom Systems


"I gladly recommend Allan Payne and 5 Star Talent Management LLC.  Allan has been a valuable consultant as a member of our President's Advisory Board at CCU.  I'm confident that others will benefit as we have from his insights and resourcefulness."  

David Faust, President, Cincinnati Christian University


"I have known Allan Payne for many years, first as a business partner and now as a consultant to my qualitative research company.  I can say he brings quality ideas to my company, great products in the talent arena, a bottom-line orientation, and most importantly, he works extremely well with me, my business partner, and my employees." 

Jerry Haselmayer, CEO, Seek Company, Cincinnati, Ohio


"Allan Payne and I worked on a project together for the first time to deliver a compensation project to a digital global education firm.  Upon completing this project, he tuned me in to the Talent Snapshot® performance management system. I knew immediately it was the kind of innovative system that the marketplace needs. I haven't yet seen anything like it from another talent management firm." 

Owner/CEO of an international human resources consulting company


“Allan has been a valuable business partner. Providing clients with tools to help improve workplace effectiveness and staying on top of trends in the training and development industry has positioned him as a leader in our Inscape Publishing community."

Julie Straw, Vice President, Wiley